Meeting 2001

The theme of the Meeting 2001 of the Center for Qualitative Psychology was

"The Role of the Researcher in Qualitative Psychology".

It took place in October 2001 in Blaubeuren, Germany.

Many fruitful, interesting, and quite diverse contributions were made during this meeting. They are published in volume 2 of Qualitative Research Nexus and can assist future researchers in considering the complexity of their roles as qualitative investigators.

A crucial question in the discussions was how to connect research questions with appropriate research methods. In order to elaborate this issue further, the next meeting of the Center for Qualitative Psychology in October 2002 in Perlora, Spain, was dedicated to "Research Questions and Matching Methods of Analysis."

Contributions to the Meeting

1. Realism and the roles of the researcher in qualitative psychology
Joseph A. Maxwell

2. Listening for voice and discourse: The role of the researcher in qualitative psychology
Tamara Beauboeuf

3. The impact of Vipassana meditation on doing research
Leo Gürtler
4. Participants' expectations in research relationships
Mechthild Kiegelmann
5. The role of the researcher in action-oriented studies
Hannu Soini, Leena Kultalahti, Terhi Jokelainen and Marianne Tensing

6. Qualitative approaches in learning research: Learning diaries and the role of the researcher
Michaela Gläser-Zikuda
7. The role of the researcher in group-based dialogic introspection
Thomas Burkart
8. Roles of researchers in historical introspective psychology
Gerhard Kleining and Peter Mayer
9. Collective memory work: The informant as peer-researcher
Ulrike Behrens
10. "From the field - into the field - outside the field." Proximity and distance of the instrument researcher in half structured interviews
Bernd Reinhoffer
11. The researcher is the instrument
Stephan Marks and Heidi Mönnich-Marks
12. Qualitative content analysis research instrument or mode of interpretation?
Philipp Mayring

13. The significance of ethnic and national identity of female researchers in practice with young migrant women: Experiences of allochthonous and autochthonous researchers
Christine Riegel and Asiye Kaya
14. Research on interpersonal violence - a constant balancing act
Silke-Birgitta Gahleitner
15. The methodological complementariness of biograms, in-depth interviews, and discussion groups
Antonio Medina Rivilla, Tiberio Feliz Murias, Mª Concepción Domínguez Garrido and Ramón Pérez Pérez
16. Biographic self-reflection as basis of the researcher's development
Antonio Medina Rivilla, Ma Concepción Domínguez Garrido, Ramón Pérez Pérez and Tiberio Feliz Murias

Proceedings of workgroups and roundtables
Leo Gürtler
Workgroup: The researcher as the instrument
Bernd Reinhoffer
Workgroup: An experiment demonstrating group-based dialogic introspection
Gerhard Kleining
Roundtable: Joint data analysis - qualitative content analysis in action
Philipp Mayring and Michaela Gläser-Zikuda
Roundtable: Ethics in qualitative research - not an issue?
Silke Gahleitner

The contributions to this meeting are available for download here:
> Contributions to the meeting 2001 (pdf) / Qualitative Psychology Nexus Vol. 02