Meeting 2009

Volume 9 of the Qualitative Psychology Nexus on

"Beyond Text: Video and other Medium Use in Qualitative Research"

comprises contributions of the 10th international meeting of the Center for Qualitative Psychology. It took place in February 20th-22nd 2009 in Weingarten, Germany.
With this workshop we focused on video analyses and related forms of gathering data resulting in content analyses.

Contributions to the Meeting


The use of video in the discussion group
Lorenzo Almazán Moreno, Juana María Ortega Tudela & Ana María Ortiz Colón

Video-based discourse and conversation analysis in cultural developmental psychology: Mother-infant interactions in Kikaikelaki/Cameroon and Münster/Germany
Carolin Demuth

Qualitative analysis of a joint master degree e-learning implementation
Samuel Gento, Günter Huber, María-C. Domínguez, Antonio Medina

& Raúl González Humor in early childhood: Video-based analysis of forms and functions
Johanna Drews & Günter L. Huber

Content analysis of elicitation study questionnaires: a missing link in studies on the theory of planned behavior on extracurricular activities
Karin Schweizer & Stephan Kröner

The software for the content analysis: wrong, technical and artistic uses
Tiberio Feliz Murias, María Carmen Ricoy Lorenzo & Sálvora Feliz Ricoy

Didactic usefulness of video games
Antonio Medina, María-C. Domínguez & Samuel Gento

The contributions to this meeting are available for download here:
> Contributions to the meeting 2009 (pdf) / Qualitative Psychology Nexus Vol. 09