Meetings 2010 and 2011

Volume 10 of the "Qualitative Psychology Nexus" on "Values and Diversity in Qualitative Research" presents selected contributions to the meetings in 2010 and 2011 organized by the Center for Qualitative Psychology.

The 11th workshop in 2010 took place in March 2010 at the University of Sassari, Italy. It dealt with the topic of

"The Values in Qualitative Research".

The 12th workshop in 2011 was dedicated to

"Qualitative Research in Attention to Diversity".

The participants met from April 8 to 10, 2011 at the Seminar Centre of the SRH Business Academy in Heidelberg, Germany.

Presentations from the annual workshops in Sassari and in Heidelberg have been combined in this volume. The book has two main parts: "Reflections on Values and Diversity" (Part I) and "Methodological Impacts" (Part II). All of the twelve chapters in these two parts are related to a specific aspect of diversity and have been presented at either one of the workshops in Italy or in Germany.

Contributions to the Meetings

Levan Lim

I. Reflections on Values and Diversity

01 Reflecting on ethical values in research with people with 11 intellectual disabilities and the impact on methodology
Alex von Lautz

02 Common values, controversial facts: enacting dialogical ethics
Adolfo Estalella

03 From empathy to its Finnish equivalent, or how should
we understand experiences?
Teemu Suorsa

II. Methodological Impacts

04 Exploring individual differences and values in German elementary teachers' perceptions of classroom demands and resources
Annette Ullrich, Richard G. Lambert, Christopher McCarthy, Andreas Zimber & Hannah Comtesse

05 Understanding the complexity of the pedagogy instructor's role through teacher-training programs by learning both the instructors' and students' point of view
Heidi Flavian & Betty Tussia-Cohen

06 Content analysis of elicitation study questionnaires: A missing link in studies on extracurricular activities within the theory of planned behavior
Karin Schweizer & Stephan Kröner

07 Theoretical reflections and methodological implications based on the analysis of interrogation records
Anna Bussu & Patrizia Patrizi

08 Evaluation of quality in education: Complementing evaluation scores by qualitative data
Günter L. Huber & Samuel Gento

09 The development of body awareness: Results of a cross-sectional study among children of preschool age
Annette Schneider & Klaus-Günter Collatz

10 "Killer games," the educational process and the effects on video game users
Ma Concepción Domínguez Garruda, Antonio Medina Rivilla and C. Maria Medina Domínguez

11 Process of drug dependency among Iranian youth
Jila Mirlashari, Mahvash Salsali, Hassan Rafiey, Jahanfar Jahanbani & Abdullah Apo Demirkol

12 Qualitative research in suicidology: values, strengths and ethical issues
Marja Kuzmaniæ & Vita Poštuvan

The contributions to this meeting are available for download here:
> Contributions to the meetings 2010 and 2011 (pdf) / Qualitative Psychology Nexus Vol. 10