Meeting 2012

Volume 11 of the Qualitative Psychology Nexus on

"Building Bridges"

comprises the presentations at the 13th international meeting of the Center for Qualitative Psychology. It took place from March 11-14, 2012, at the Achva Academic College of Education, Israel, and was organized by Heidi Flavian and her team in cooperation with the Center for Qualitative Psychology.
Challenges of building bridges over gaps of diverse psychological, educational and methodological orientations are presented and discussed in four areas:

- The Callenge of Interindividual Diversity
- The Challenge of Diverse Educational Orientations
- The Challenge of Diverse Pedagogical Practices
- The Challenge of Diverse Methodological Approaches

Contributions to the Meeting

The Challenge of Interindividual Diversity

Security, Threat, and Attitudes Toward Minorities
Stefanie Horn

Increasing Ethiopian Immigrants' Access to Higher Education and Employment: A Unique Teacher Education Program
Esther Kalnisky

Design of a Support Program for Education and Romani Culture
Maria Concepción Domínguez Garrido, Antonio Medina & C. Medina Domínguez

Self-Representation and Social Support Among Adolescents with Asperger Syndrome in Online Communities
Erez C. Miller & Heidi Flavian

The Challenge of Diverse Educational Orientations

Leadership and Quality in Today's Educational Institutions of European Countries
Samuel Gento & Raúl González

The Reflection of Conflicting Values in Literature Readers for Junior High Schools in Israel: Can Values be Bridged?
Sara Zamir

Learning Environments in Private Elementary Schools: Implementation and Students' Perception of High Achievement Expectancies and Differentiation
Swantje Post

The Information and the Educational Character Given by the Content of Educational Programs of Geography in Secondary School
Helena Maria Sabo

The Geography Teacher in Romania between Tradition and Modernity
Helena Maria Sabo

The Challenge of Diverse Pedagogical Practices

Hitting Back: Should the Retaliator Be Punished or Commended? A Grounded Theory Study
Amos Fleischmann

Mental Maps in Geography Teaching: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice
Michael Horn & Karin Schweizer

Preparing Freshmen Teacher Candidates for Academia, Self-Regulation and Teaching: Effects of an Intervention Program
Melodie Rosenfeld

The Challenge of Diverse Methodological Approaches

Reconstructing the Structure of Meaning by Sequence Analysis
Günter L. Huber & Leo Gürtler

The contributions to this meeting are available for download here:
> Contributions to the meeting 2012 (pdf) / Qualitative Psychology Nexus Vol. 11