Meetings 2014 and 2015

Volume 13 of the "Qualitative Psychology Nexus" on "New Perspectives on Qualitative Research" presents selected contributions to the meetings in 2014 and 2015 organized by the Center for Qualitative Psychology.

The 15th workshop in 2014 dealt with the topic of

"How to Publish and Disseminate Qualitative Research".

It took place from March 28-30, 2014 at the University of Education Weingarten, Germany, and was organized (in the order of the original announcement) Prof. Dr. Karin Schweizer, Dipl.-Psych. Fabian Jobst, and Roswitha Klepser.

The 16th workshop in 2015 was dedicated to

"Reflections on Methods of Qualitative Research".

The participants met from February 26-28, 2015, at the University of La Laguna, Faculty of Education (Tenerife, Spain). Members of the organization committee were (in the order of the original announcement) Manuel Avelino Pestano Pérez (La Laguna University), Mechthild Kiegelmann (Karlsruhe University of Education, Germany), Olga María Alegre de la Rosa (Dean and Chair in Education of La Laguna University), Sálvora Feliz Ricoy (Polytechnic University of Madrid), Tiberio Feliz Murias (UNED), and Roswitha Klepser (University of Education, Weingarten, Germany).

The contributions to volume 13 of the "Qualitative Psychology Nexus"are arranged in five main sections starting with an overview on trends and challenges in qualitative research and then following the phases of research in general. Two articles each deal with questions of collecting qualitative data (section 2) and analyzing qualitative data (section 3). Then four papers describe the issues of applying findings of qualitative research (section 4). Finally, suggestions how to publish qualitative findings are outlined in section 5.

Contributions to the Meetings


I. Overview

Trends and Challenges of Qualitative Research: An Exploratory Review of Research
Celia Camilli Trujillo and Ernesto López Gómez

II. Collecting Qualitative Data

Researching One's Own Community: Matters Pertaining to Duality and Trust
Kerry J. Rowberry

Music as a Means of Raising Awareness
José María Santoro Moreno

III. Analyzing Qualitative Data

Recurrence Quantification Analysis as a General-purpose Tool for Bridging the Gap between Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis
Sebastian Wallot, Marlene Lyby and Marieke M. J. W. van Rooij

Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Data Analysis
Günter L. Huber and Leo Gürtler

IV. Applying Qualitative Findings

Suggestions of Foreign Language Assistants to Improve the Bilingual Schools of Andalucía, Spain
Amador Jiménez-Garrido and Eufrasio Pérez-Navío

Mixed Methods Applied to the Training of Leader-Trainers in Cooperatives in a Rural Context
Antonio Medina Rivilla

Skills and Limits of ICT Use in Higher Education Students
María-Carmen Ricoy and Tiberio Feliz Murias

Training of Teachers and Agricultural Cooperative Managers in Mastery of Competencies
María Concepción Domínguez, María Medina, Conchita Medina and Antonio Medina

V. Publishing Qualitative Findings

Publishing and Disseminating Qualitative Research
Christopher Day

The contributions to this meeting are available for download here:
Contributions to the meetings 2014 and 2015 (pdf) / Qualitative Psychology Nexus Vol. 13