Meeting 2016

Volume 14 of the "Qualitative Psychology Nexus" presents selected contributions to the 17th workshop of the Center for Qualitative Psychology, which was held from April 1st-2nd at the University of Jaén, Spain.
Karin Schweizer from the University of Education at Weingarten, Germany, the president of the association "Center for Qualitative Psychology, and the communication chair Tiberio Feliz (UNED, Madrid) were assisted in organizing the meeting by Eufrasio Pérez-Navío and the other members of the Spanish organization committee, José Antonio Torres González, Javier Rodríguez Moreno, Raúl González Fernández, Blas Campos Barrionuevo, Ernesto López Gómez, José María Santoro Moreno, Sálvora Feliz Ricoy, José Carlos Cabrera Linares y Benjamín Mejías Ibáñez.
The 17th workshop was dedicated to

"Qualitative Approaches to Actual Problems in Education".

The contributions to this topic are arranged in this publication in two main sections. The first part deals with general methodological considerations, the second part presents answers to actual educational questions.

Contributions to the Meeting


The Research Question - A General Source of Conflicts for Researchers
Günter L. Huber

Reflections on Participatory Action Research with Undocumented Migrants
Shahjehan Khan & Jana Sládková

Conflict and Models for Training Workers in Enterprises
Conchita Medina Domínguez, María Concepción Domínguez Garrido & María Medina Domínguez

Children's Inconsistent Answers to the Language Learning Strategy Inventory: Are Introspective Questionnaires useful in Research with Children?
Amador Jiménez-Garrido & Eufrasio Pérez Navío

Construction and Validation of a Questionnaire on Attitudes of University Students towards the European Higher Education
María Jesús Colmenero Ruiz, María del Carmen Pegalajar Palomino & Eufrasio Pérez Navío

Exploration of Tutoring in Universities Using the Delphi Method
Ernesto López Gómez

The Qualitative Methodology as a Basis for Teaching Innovation
María Concepción Domínguez Garrido, Antonio Medina Rivilla & María Medina Domínguez

The Importance of Exposure to a Foreign Language
José María Santoro Moreno

The contributions to this meeting are available for download here:
Contributions to the meeting 2016 (pdf) / Qualitative Psychology Nexus Vol. 14