Meeting 2020

Due to the Corona Crisis the next meeting has to be postponed.

It will be held probably in
November 2020

at the
Faculty of Educational Sciencies and Sports,
University Campus of Melilla (University of Granada)

More information coming as soon as there is more certainty for planning.


To achieve in the society a real globalization it is necessary to implement cross-border dialogues filling the gaps that separate and differentiate migrants' identities in our actual world. There are already tools supporting such a dialogue, for instance the Internet. Therefore, we can establish direct and effective communications and relations between different countries, regions and ethnic groups.
The program put together for this meeting of the CPQ is intended to demonstrate the importance of starting a dialogue between migrants' identities in order to develop more equality and cooperation among countries and people, which will contribute directly to improve the actual and future state of society.


- Knowledge of cross-border dialogues between migrants with different backgrounds and application of suitable and effective research methods.
- Discovery of the advantages of a cross-border dialogue.
- Awareness about the importance and necessity of an effective communication between migrants with different backgrounds.
- Obtaining resources and strategies for the dialogue between migrants with different personal backgrounds.


- How to deal with multicultural and intercultural diversity?
- Living together and well-being in the classroom
- Racism and xenophobia
- Bullying and cyberbullying
- Failure at school
- Value eduction
- Civic education
- Voluntary service and cooperation programs
- Intelligence and emotional co-eductation
- Personality and behavior
- New challenges for teaching
- Teacher training
- Educational innovation
- Languages and migration
- Educational-pschological evaluation and intervention

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